The Mwanza-based, Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), has just established a fully-fledged campus in Arusha City, set to start enrolling students between March and April this year.

Saint Augustine University of TanzaniaThe Archbishop for the Catholic Arch-Diocese of Arusha, Dr Josaphat Louis-Lebulu, explained that during the establishment of the main campus in the Lake Zone, the target was to have the Catholic-church owned, higher institution of learning, expand to operate more academic branches all over the country.

With the first Arusha Campus set to start running in four weeks time, in Levolosi Ward in the city centre, the second campus will be constructed later in Tengeru, Meru District. “I was the chairman of the board at SAUT during its formation and that was the goal of the university,” explained Archbishop Lebulu, pointing out that the Arusha branch of the institution was in fact supposed to have been established earlier than this.

The SAUT Arusha Campus will occupy the premises that formerly housed the Saint Joseph Girls High School, adjacent to the Saint Elizabeth (Kwa-Father Babu) Catholic Parish, the same area which also hosts the District Designated St Elizabeth Hospital which also runs under the church.

The Saint Joseph Girls High School meanwhile has been shifted to Kisongo area, on the outskirts of Arusha City, along the main Dodoma Road, where the Catholic Archdiocese recently purchased the former privately-owned, ‘Arusha Modern High School’ premises at the cost of 2 billion/-.

According to Archbishop Lebulu, a second SAUT campus will be built in Tengeru area on the now defunct, former Gomba Horticultural Estates of Meru that the church recently acquired. “As church leaders, we also feel both the responsibility and obligation to ensure that Tanzanians get their chance to higher education right here in the country unlike the past when they had to seek it from either abroad or in neighbouring countries,” he said.

So what faculties will the SAUT Arusha Campuses be offering? “The National Council of the University is currently sitting to assess what should be taught at the branch and in this case it should be the faculties that are lacking in other higher institutes of learning,” stated the Archbishop.

By MARC NKWAME, Tanzania Daily News

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