The Human Rights Centre of the St. Augustine University of Tanzania was established in 2006 as a response to the rise in violations of fundamental human rights, particularly the killing of elderly women in association with witchcraft in the Lake Zone Tanzania.

These are the years between those times where we had series of breaking news and several media coverage of the attacks and slaughtering of the red eyed elderly women on allegations of witchcraft beliefs. It was a serious violations of natural right and a constitutional right as well (in Tanzania context), and of course a denial of the right to life.

This had also brought fears among people especially those on target thus a violation of many other rights and freedoms, like the right to freedom of movement and that of freedom from torture.

The laws of Tanzania prohibit both, killings and witchcraft acts. The Penal Code makes it offensive to kill a person for any reason {except for people convicted of treason and murder cases}. The acts of witchcraft are also criminal offences under the Witchcraft Act. So to say, the government of Tanzania recognizes existence of witchcraft and the consequences of the same. The implication of the law is that witchcraft is evil it should therefore be discouraged.

Witchcraft as described in the Tanzania Human Rights Reports is the use of supernatural or magical powers to inflict harm or damage upon members of a certain community or their properties. The SAUT-Human Rights Center observed that, the belief in witchcraft is perceived by some of the members in Tanzania communities and has been steadily decreasing with the growing efforts from the government and those of the civil societies to cultivate awareness to the public.

Doors are open to every person in need of the services offered at the Human Rights Centre. It is a pleasure that people and officials decide to make the best use of their time by paying visitation and their desires be fulfilled. Don’t forget to keep the Africa hope alive.


My message: Activism is a tireless process that needs responsible citizens and effective States to make the world a better place to stay. God with us always! Long live Tanzania.  [Shukuru Paulo]

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