Diploma in Psychology and Counseling

Duration: 2 years

Semesters: 4

The programme is designed to provide good opportunity, facilities and environment to a student interested in studying Psychology and Counselling at the university level.


- Quantitative Techniques for Finance
- Corporate Finance
- Business Analysis and Valuation
- Financial Markets and Institutions
- Financial Risk Management

- Research Methods for Finance
- Institutional Investment
- Investment and Portfolio Management
- Behavioural Finance
- Elective Module
- MSc-FI Dissertation

 Elective Modules – choose one
- Emerging Financial Markets
- Project Management
- Corporate Governance and Ethics

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

i. Holder Certificate of Secondary Education with at least four (4) “D” Passes in Non- Religious Subjects AND Basic Technician Certificate in Psychology and Counseling.
ii. Holder of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) with at least one principal pass and subsidiary.